The Way Fall 2018

The Way Sunday -

  • ARISE NURSERY - 9:30, 11 & 11:05 am / Birth - 4 year/Nursery
  • KIDS STREET - 9:30, 11/11:05 am / K-5th grade / Activity Room in FLC
  • COFFEE & CONVERSATIONS-9:30am / 6th - 12th grade / in the FLC Café

The Way Wednesday -

  • ARISE NURSERY - 6:30 - 8:00 pm / Birth - 4 years old / Nursery
  • The Way Children- 6:30 - 8:00 pm / K-5th grade / Activity Room in FLC
  • YOUTH GROUP - 6:30 - 8:00 pm / Middle & High School/ in the FLC Cafe

THE WAY Overview

There is an old blessing from the time of Jesus: “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.” In Jesus’ time rabbis would often teach their disciples while walking on the dusty roads.  The idea of the blessing was that you would follow your rabbi so closely that you would be covered in the dust he kicked up while walking. The goal of following a rabbi was not simply to learn from his wisdom, but to think as he thought, to love what he loved, to value what he valued and to do what he did.

At Fenton United Methodist Church we want to take this blessing seriously because we think it is vital that all Christ's followers be continually formed in His image: to think like He thinks, to love as He loves, to values what He values and to do what He did.  At FUMC, this strategy for growing more and more into the image of Jesus Christ is called THE WAY. It calls us to partner together, church and family, adult and child, as peers and fellow pilgrims on the journey of following Jesus Christ.

THE WAY - Sunday

This is our Sunday morning opportunity for infants, children and youth that will happen during both the 9:30 and 11/11:05 services.

THE WAY - Wednesday

Wednesday night is family night and we offer programs and studies for all ages.  There are activities for all from 6:30-8pm including Nursery, Children's The Way, Youth, and multiple short term adult Bible studies led by pastor Jeff Jaggers and others. 

Click HERE to see THE WAY Timeline for a better understanding of this new Spiritual formation process.

  • THE WAY for Adults

    THE WAY for adults takes place on Wednesdays.  Wednesday evenings there will be several short-term studies running concurrently to offer a variety of choices for study.  For those who prefer a daytime Bible study, our Lead Pastor will teach the same Bible study on Wednesday at 1:00 PM that he is teaching in the evening.  From time to time, we will also offer Financial Peace University.

  • For babies and toddlers, THE WAY program will be called Arise and will be for infants - preschool.  Both on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings we want to create a safe, fun and inviting environment where we incite wonder in the heart of every child. The three basic truths we want ALL the kids to know by the time they transition into Kindergarten is

    1. God made me
    2. God loves me
    3. Jesus wants to be my forever friends
  • THE WAY for Children (K-5th)

    THE WAY Sunday for kids K-5th grade will be called 252 Kids Street and will consist of topical monthly lessons that will help children grow in:

    1. Wisdom
    2. Faith
    3. Friendship

    Here the kids will participate in large group worship, games, and story time. Then they will break out into small groups (according to age) to dive deeper into the bible story, pray together and grow in their understand and love of God.  Our goal is to provoke discovery in the heart of each elementary child.

    THE WAY Wednesday will be an adventure through key scriptures and concepts of the Bible.  We will mimic the large group and small group format from Sunday's but will also include hands on, interactive stations to encourage the kids to engage in alone time with Jesus and teach them different spiritual disciplines.

    We are excited about the opportunity to better partner with parents and families in the process of spiritual growth and so there will be different resources we will be sharing through email, hard copies and social media to help YOU as the families continue the spiritual conversations at home.

    The Parent CUE app provides simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments.

    • Offers CUES for families with preschoolers and elementary-age kids
    • Parent Time section has videos, podcasts, and articles just for parents
    • Videos, activities, and discussion questions link to First Look and 252 Basics material
    • Content updates weekly
  • THE WAY for Youth

    6th - 12th Grades

    "The Way Sunday" 

    The Way Sunday is in the "Way Cafe" and is for 6th-12th grade in which students will dive deeper into the Bible.  Fathom is the curriculum being used and the time on Sunday's is designed for students to gain confidence in learning and understanding the word of God.  We hope this is a place and a time of study and fellowship that the Youth can enjoy! 

    "The Way Wednesday"

    We hope this is a place where Youth can have a place to grow and discuss their faith!  The curriculum "Orange" is topical and used to help students understand how the Bible relates to their everyday life.  The hope is that Wednesdays are designed for students to enjoy fellowship, worship, and a message.  

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