Middle School (6th - 8th)

THE WAY Sunday for middle schoolers (6th- 8th grade) will be called XP3 which will consist of applicable life lessons that help middle schoolers learn about God's truth in engaging ways.  Each month will be an exciting experience that will help them grow spiritually by studying the Bible, serving in local missions, or engaging in small group conversations.  The goal of XP3 is to develop a passion for community, for serving others, and for being a apart of God's story.

THE WAY Wednesday program will help the middle schoolers develop friendships, while being in a safe and accepting community where they can thrive and grow into their own faith through fun games, activities and simple devotions.

High School (9th - 12th)

THE WAY Sunday for Fenton Youth Initiative (9th - 12th grade) will help high schoolers dig deeper into God's Word and learn how Scripture applies to their life through devotions, social time and local mission trips.  THE WAY will encourage and help youth to grow in relationships with God and each other.  The goal of THE WAY Sunday is for our youth to develop spiritual disciplines that will deepen their relationship with God.

THE WAY Wednesday program will allow high schoolers to be in fellowship with their peers.  Wednesday  nights will be an entry point and a place where the youth can develop friendships and be themselves in a safe and loving community.  They will enjoy fun, enlightening activities and games that will help them to grow into a faith based youth community.

Fenton United Methodist Church

119 S. Leroy Street

Fenton, MI 48430