At Fenton United Methodist Church we believe that when we tell our stories, we are telling God's story - stories of how God has come to us right where we are, and draws us to Himself through grace.  These are just a few of the countless stories of people who worship and serve God in, among and through Fenton United Methodist Church.


We’ve been a part of FUMC for about 12 years.  In that time, our faith has grown

exponentially, and we have grown as disciples of Jesus. FUMC has been the foundation

supporting that growth.  We have been able to attend bible studies (men’s, women’s

and mixed groups) We serve in several capacities individually and as a couple, and we

enjoy both the traditional and the contemporary services.  We are involved in outreach

to the community as well. We love the opportunities to know and serve our Lord that

FUMC provides and plan to be a part of the future here!

- Ron and Kelley

Whenever the opportunity presents itself for me to enter into a leadership position as a

member of our church, the blessings that I receive are nothing less than amazing.  The

deeper relationships that develop, the deeper discussions that take place and the

deeper prayer requests that are shared draw me closer to others and therefore closer to

Jesus.  It is a GREAT way to live!     

- Dan

I joined FUMC in 2001 and both my children grew up in the church. In addition, my

father moved from PA and he also joined FUMC.  Our church has spiritually supported

me and my family for over 22 years and provided me with opportunities to reach out to

the community to serve others as an extension of God, and when I volunteer for events,

I see the positive impact it has on others and the community. Also, volunteering has

taught my children how important it is to help others and it gave us the opportunity to

increase our family time together.  

- Darryl